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The Arreaga Agency was founded in redefining insurance, and that is why our values outlined below are important to us and promised to you.

Making Insurance Simple

We understand that insurance in general can seem complex, overwhelming and kinda boring. However, the more you know the better you’ll feel about your coverage. For this reason you can count on us to make insurance simple by guiding you and explaining things that need explaining.

Being Transparent

Insurance plans are here for your worst case scenarios. For this reason, being transparent is key for us in making sure you know the limits of your policy and know all your costs upfront so there are no surprises along the way. We are here to make the insurance work for you and not the other way around.

Sharing Our Passion

We know that informing yourself about your best insurance options isn’t a walk in the park, and that’s why it’s important to have the right agents serve you. Insurance is our passion and frankly it’s what we get excited about. I know it’s hard to believe, however it’s true. So wouldn’t you want the right agents to have the right attitude for your best interest?

Our Clients Sharing Their Love

Top 5 Questions on Auto Insurance

Almost all states have insurance laws that require drivers to carry at least the minimum liability insurance. If your car is older and the cost of repairing your vehicle costs more than the car is worth the insurance company will usually just “total” the vehicle and issue you a check for the market value of the car less the deductible. On the flip side, if your vehicle is new and the note is paid off, you may want to consider carrying physical damage coverage unless you can cover a down payment on a new vehicle.


  • Pays to repair or replace your own vehicle when you’re at fault
  • Covers collisions with other vehicles, objects and animals


  • Covers damage to your car caused by things besides a collision
  • Includes hail, wind, theft, fire, vandalism, animal damage and more    

Multi-line Discounts – Combine your Farmers Auto policy with any of the following Farmers products and you may earn multi-policy discounts:

  • Home
  • Condo
  • Renters
  • Mobile Home / Speciality Dwelling
  • Farmers Specialty (Motorcycle, boat, motor home, etc.)
  • Life

Signal® by Farmers – Sign up, download and use the Signal app and you’ll receive a 5% discount on your auto policy, with an opportunity to earn up to 15% each time you renew your policy. You can save an additional 10% if you have a young driver in your household. Learn more about Signal® by Farmers

Business and Professional Group – If you’re employed or retired from an approved occupational group (e.g., Accountants, Educators, Engineers, Firefighters, Military, Law Enforcement, etc.), you may be eligible for this discount. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Distant Student – If your children go to school at least 100 miles from the home and have no regular access to the covered car, this discount can lower their rates.

Multi-Car – We’ll discount your rates if you cover more than one vehicle under the same Farmers Auto policy.

Teen Driver – Add a single licensed teen driver to your policy (your child or grandchild) and as long as you’ve had your policy in force for at least 2 years, you’ll save.

Here’s a quick explanation:

  • Your policy may cover drivers who occasionally borrow your car with your permission. 
  • Anyone who regularly uses your car should be named on your policy. 
  • All drivers in your household should be named on your policy. 
  • Drivers can be covered under more than one policy, even with different companies. 
  • Depending on the circumstances, a traffic ticket may cause your premiums to rise.
  • If the violation does end up on your record, in some states, you may be able to remove it by attending traffic school. Tickets don’t remain on your record forever.
  • Talk to an agent about how a traffic violation impacts your auto insurance rates.

Business Insurance

Small Business Dreams

Your business dreams may be in full drive, but don’t forget it’s important to protect your assets. There are different factors to find the best coverage that suits your business. Here are some tips on how to move forward:

Learn more about your insurance must haves.